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What We Offer

PC & Mac Repairs / Upgrades

Whatever your IT problem - Apple Mac repairs, broken laptop screens, computers that won't start, computer setup and configuration, slow performance, virus removal, WiFi or internet connection problems, software problems, etc, we offer quick, guaranteed repairs at competitive prices. Sometimes an upgrade to your existing computer is a more cost effective option than buying new. If your computer is ageing and getting slow and your thinking it might be time to buy a new computer, Give us a call, depending on the age of your computer, we may be able to offer an upgrade option, that will not only increase the speed of you existing computer but cost a fraction of the cost of a new computer.

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

Becoming increasingly sophisticated by design, Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Adware, Worms, Bots, Spyware, Browser Hijackers, Scareware, Ransonware are all variations of malcious programs that cause havoc with your computer operating system. Viruses can cause system freezing or crashes, blue screens, annoying pop ups, unwanted adverts, redirection of your browser to dodgy unsafe websites, theft or encryption of your data, and also make your computer unresponsive and slow. Using industry leading software removal tools we can remove "nearly" all types of viruses and have your computer up and running in no time. Unfortunately some viruses do irreparable damage to your operating system and the only alternative is to reinstall the operating system. If you have any concerns about your computer's security we can check for viruses and recommend & install antivirus and network security tools to protect your data and your computer operating system from viruses and hackers.

Data Recovery & Backup

Hard Drives are the components in computers that store all your valuable and/or critical data and to date there hasn't been a hard drive made yet that will not fail at sometime in the future. Unfortunately it is a sad fact that ALL hard drives fail eventually (even new drives) - it's just a matter of when. Hard Drive failures are the most common hardware problems in computers. Symptoms of a failed or failing hard drive can be: a Blue Screen, Startup loop where your computer never actually starts, a message on your screen simply saying "No operating system found" or in some cases your computer's performance has become noticeably sluggish. If any of these symptoms are familiar give us a call and we will help recover and/or backup your data and get your computer back to it's optimum performance. If you have a backup plan in place a failed or failing hard drive can often be just a minor inconvenience. Without a backup plan in place a failed hard drive could be a major catastrophe for a business with the loss of the company's accounts or customer database (as well as employee downtime) etc. or for the home user the loss of years of irreplaceable digital photographs and documents. At CNS we have years of experience in providing backup solutions for protecting your data. From cloud backup options to standalone backup hard drives we can offer a simple and cost effective backup solution to protect both your data and your operating system configuration. If you have a already suffered a hard drive failure on your computer or have accidently deleted impotant files - there may still be hope. Using the latest industry leading data recovery software we can often recover all or most of your data - depending on the condition of the failed hard drive. If we can't recover any of your data - there is no charge!!

Email Setup & Troubleshooting

With all the different available email protocols setting up and getting your email synchronised accross all your devices can often be time consuming and confusing. We have been setting up free and personalised (@YourOwnDomain.com) email accounts for over 20 years. If you simple need help setting up your enail account over multple devices or are looking to setup a more professional looking @ YourOwnDoamin.com email address and website domain for your business and don't know where to start - give us a call and we'll help you get started. Today, email providers such as Yahoo, Apple, Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, now offer more advanced security options such as "Two Factor Autentication" (2FA) for protecting your email accounts. When 2FA is enabled, users are required to provide two forms of identity verification before accessing their email accounts on a new computer, tablet or other device. In most cases, this includes your email password and a form of authentication on a mobile device – a text message from your email provider is the most common other verification method. After both factors are verified and confirmed you can then access your email account. Even if a hacker knows your password, if 2FA is enabled they still cannot access your emal account without your moblie devcie. It is highly recommended that 2FA is enabled for all email accounts and paricularly for business accounts. If you need any help securing your emal account(s) give us a call.

WiFi & Internet Installation & Setup

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will often have you believe that setting up the wireless router they send you in the post is as easy ABC. Unfortunately, in our experience that is not always the case and when you contact their helpline you can often find yourself going round in circles with no solution to your problem. If it was as easy as ABC for everyone - you wouldn't have to wait so long to get an answer from their helpline. Not all ISPs are equal when it comes to customer service - some are more helpful that others. If you are having connection issues with your broadband and you feel you are getting the runaround from your ISP. Give us a call, we have years of experience in dealing with ISP helplines and getting to the root of the problem.

Network Design & Instalation

Wired & wireless networks are a great low cost solution for sharing documents, photos, music and printers on all your computers, tablets and smart phones. We can design and setup secure wired & wireless networks for small & medium sized businesses and home users. We also can help eliminate WiFi dead spots in your home or office where your tablet or laptop don't connect to your WiFi network.

Web Design

We can design competitively priced, easy to navigate, and visually appealing websites that can also be viewed using mobile phones and tablet browsers.​ Together with a Google Adwords campaign we can help with your business marketing strategy by getting your website noticed.

Friendly Help & Advice

At CNS we offer a friendly help and advice service to customers with IT problems that don't necessarily require a site visit. Some minor computer or software problems can often be resolved in a matter of minutes via a quick telephone call. For slightly more complex computer problems we can offer a real time remote support option which can get you up and running quickly and can save you both time and money. If your just looking for advice or recommendations on a computer, tablet or some software purchase you are planning - just give us a call. You can then go to your local PC Mega store knowing exactly what your looking for and not be talked into buying something that is completely unsuitable.

Mobile Devices & Smart Home

At CNS we love technology and hi-tech gadgets and we stay up to date with all the latest in "Smart Home" technology. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opprtunity or the time to keep up with technology. People are becoming more aware of the Smart Home and the demand for Smart Home products is increasing rapidly. Some of the key advantages of the Smart home are: Energy Saving - Intelligent thermostats and hubs, can control your heating and lighting and can save you a small fortune on your annual energy bulls. Entertainment - Smart entertainment ranging from home cinema to high speed streaming of Netflix / Amazon Prime / Spotifiy/ Apple music / Internet video and audio, throughout the home on all your devices. Security - CCTV / IP Security Cameras and smart lighting can make a house appear that someone is at home and deter burglars. If you feel technology is leaving you behind we offer personalised tuition to help you get the most of your technology. We can help you set up and configure all the latest technology for the Smart home - Apple Homekit Devices, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo / Alexa, Philips Hue Lighting & Sensors, Hive, Tado, etc. Give us a call - we love gadgets and technology.